Atma bodha is the self-awareness that our human body is the causal body for
whatever we conceive, perceive, and experience. Our human body is 100%
responsible for knowing what we know, manifesting what we manifest, and creating
what we create. Therefore, it is critical that we prioritize on the health of our
human body, that comprises four bodies and is guided by the fifth body. First, the
etheric body, i.e., the body of consciousness we reproduce for producing infinite
value. Second, the astral body, i.e., the conscious body that produces the
consciousness we reproduce. Third, the mental body, i.e., the para-conscious body
that trades the energy we reproduce within our consciousness. Fourth, the physical
body, i.e., the subconscious body that services the energy we trade from the
ecosystem. The fifth body is the intellectual body, i.e., the body of the person we
have become after our energy exchange has diffused our consciousness into
everyone, everybody, everything, and impregnated their consciousness within us.
Therefore, we are always attracted towards what we don’t know, haven’t
manifested, haven’t created, and devalue what we know, have manifested, have
created. Thus, the workers, the knowers, the manifestors, and the creators end up
working for the perpetuators who perpetuate their omnipotence by trading what
others don’t value and by servicing their nothingness as of great value. Those who
do not do anything are worshipped by everyone as the God and everybody is willing
to make 100% sacrifice for their God and fight anyone who does not believe in their
God. That is the strange way of the world one becomes aware when one gains
awareness of the self.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 5th, 2022 /