Anahata Naad is the sound of the engine that attracts and propels a vehicle into trading its
ecosystem consciousness. It leads to the vehicle rising up to be the engine attracting another
vehicle to replicate its behavior. Each added vehicle moves the starting point of the creation
forward by becoming a creature blessed by the creator. Think of engine as the creator, vehicle
as the creature, and reproduction of sound as the creation. Each creature inherits the genetic
program of the creator and reproduces the genetic program to be the creator of the universe of
genetically programmed creatures. Each child continues to act like a creation, letting
subconscious mind guide one’s behavior, instead of taking responsibility that a creature is
capable of. Each child finds temporary joy (nirvana) in rising up and flying like the magnetic
engine. Each adult seeks absolute joy (moksha) in eventually falling down and profiting from
the genetically programmed performing of others as the engine of growth one desires.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 1st, 2021 /