Tritiya Prakriti literally means third character. To understand the third character, one needs to know
about the first two characters as well. The first character is the potential we have to be odd and
masculine, diverse from Mother Nature’s femininity. The second character is the spiritual experience
through oneness with the even and feminine element within Mother Nature, as a child of Mother
Nature. The third character is the scope for the unity within the diversity of the masculine gender. With
unity, we become the wisher wishing that the femininity without us will be attracted towards the
masculinity within us and work as a deity to fulfill the wishes we have, so that we can be the enjoyer.
Of course, by making us enjoy the work she is doing, the deity can become the enjoyer of our inertia
that makes us an object for her manipulation using her masculinity. Therefore, it is said that partial
knowledge is more destructive than zero knowledge. One must push open the mind to illuminate the
characters beyond three, instead of fixating all the energy on the third character.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: April 23rd, 2022 /