Revenge is a strange loop that generates volatility in one’s life. It creates a
sensation of strange repulsion from oneself. The repulsion generates an
ascending-order development of the consciousness by first producing a
consciousness void as one loses consciousness of oneself. The
consciousness void descends the development of one into a conscious
entity, conscious of the reason for the event that one is seeking to avenge.
The entropy of the conscious element perpetuates as the horizontal
element and propels one’s forward-order development into the infinite
temporary forms seeking to be omnipotent. The infinite temporary forms
destroy the finite permanent form that made one the subject of the
perceived injustice due to its backward-order development. The backward
force of the finite makes each infinite temporary form volatile, making one
increasingly distant from oneself. One loses physical equilibrium and
becomes entangled with the object of the revenge. Therefore, instead of
seeking revenge where you end up as a loser, one should focus on one’s
conscious well-being as a conscious entity. If another seeks to negatively
influence one’s conscious well-being, one must act, activate, and move fast
to stay clear from that another until the another becomes super-agitated. In
a super-agitated state, another becomes open to either self-illumination or
self-destruction. In either case, you emerge as the winner.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: March 2nd, 2022 /