Anatma = Ana + Atma. Ana means Negation. Atma means
consciousness. Anatma means negation consciousness that one indeed,
strangely, is a deity, with divine freedom to consciously determine what one
wishes to do, make that a goal, and work towards realizing that goal for
actually realizing the goal. By negating the divine element within oneself,
one ignites the spiritual consciousness of a para deity with a guider
freedom to mediate everyone’s desires by producing an illusion that he is
God with the power to fulfill those desires as long as everyone follows the
path of devotion to him. Thus, anatma is also the spiritual consciousness
of God as a spirit without one guiding one on the path of knowing seeking
to know when he will develop the power that everyone believes him to have
so that he can be the savior that everyone expects him to and free the
universe from the growing grand challenges of degeneration, decay, and
death that Gautama Buddha experienced in his life as a prelude to his

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Categories: Questions / Published On: June 15th, 2022 /