Shiva is conceived in many forms. One of those forms is the five-faced God,

Panchamukha lingam, the perfect manifestor. The fifth face is Sadyojata,
the nascent entity formed as the cultural force of the goal Shiva conceives
to be the diverse (vicitra) element within his many forms. The fourth face is
Vamadeva, the growth entity the diverse element conceives as the maternal
creating the order of forms through cosmic oneness with the diverse
element. The third face is Aghora, the mature entity that the fourth face
conceives as the paternal creating the present of the diverse forms with his
cosmic energy. The second face is Tatpurusha, the spontaneous entity, the
potential formation as a self-forming paternal of formation. The first face is
Ishana, the exchange entity, the potential formable that exchanges the
reality of the second face to be the nine-face goal consciousness
(Bodhatma) within Shiva as the goalkeeper.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: February 23rd, 2022 /