Rajyoga is within oneness – it is the borrowed oneness mediated by the
subject of one’s devotion. For instance, if you are devoted to a guru wishing
that guru will guide you to find the para deity (God), then you borrow guru’s
oneness with God by making guru the subject (praja) and yourself the king
(Raja) deciding the wish the subject has to selflessly fulfill. Jnana yoga is the
self-conceived oneness with the object of one’s devotion, making oneself the
subject mediating that oneness with one’s knowing about the desired object.
Bhakti yoga is the perceived oneness with oneself as both the object as well
as the subject of one’s devotion. If you are devoted to your conscious well-
being, then your absolute consciousness is both the object as well as the
subject of your devotion.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 30th, 2022 /