The religion is the correlation among the creation, the creature, and the creator. Our birth conditions this correlation in terms of both time and space. At different times, different religions are dominant in the universe. At different spaces, specific religions decide the freedom of
the citizens to choose their religion. Different entities have different degrees of freedom for rejecting all religions and make the science their
religion. When we make the science as the religion, we begin believing in what the scientists are saying and interpreting the reality to be. The scientists believe in what the star scientists have said and interpreted the reality to be. Star scientists like Einstein are the creators of the
scientists as the creatures who define the beliefs we consume by deciding to make ourselves the creation of the scientific paradigm. Since Einstein was a religious man and was a Jewish priest in his primary profession, we are all following the Jewish belief system when we say we believe only in science and nothing but the science. The modern scientific world has made Einstein the God of science because he has freed the entire universe from the birth-based religion. India’s ancient history is also full of star scientists like Einstein and therefore people of India are very open about letting anyone decide their religion free from their birth. Similarly, influenced by the Indian belief system, the Jews have also been quite enlightened in letting their brothers pursue other religions including Christianity, Islam, and Eastern religions.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 17th, 2021 /