Consciousness is the flow of consciousness stock, the soul (Atma) in the form of the hydrogen
(jalaprana). Hydrogen is the force of water. Water is a universe of photons that flows as the sentient
life force. Sentient life force divides into three parts: matter, organization of matter, two units of
hydrogen, one stocking the consciousness of the sentient one, and another flowing to guide another one
on how to be a sentient one. Sentient one is a sentient entity, Siddha, who wishes to be the thing
(vastu) that matters by conceiving the thing as a constant one through meditation, making that a
variable one by doing what one does everyday and letting that constant one become an imaginary one.
During our sleep, the imaginary one becomes the illusionary one behaving like a real one seeking to
come to life as our child. We manifest the real one as the whole one in the form of an absolute quark
and transform that into a sequence of quarks by reproducing the whole one. Once we drain our
consciousness, we become a thing and the system of quark becomes the potential matter that makes us
matter by relying on our potential energy to take birth as a cell.

Categories: Questions / Published On: October 3rd, 2021 /