Being happy is a choice because one can be happy only when one
experiences the time’s forward-moving reality. If we are living the time’s past-
effects and trading the space’s present-effects, then our happiness becomes
conditioned by our para-sensory temporal reality and the sensory spatial
reality. If we are servicing our desired future-effect, then we become happy
because it substantiates our self-worth. If our servicing is desirable for our
conscious well-being in future, then we remain happy in future after our
desired-effect manifests. For instance, we may desire to discipline our friend

who is intruding on our time. However, the friend may decide that she is
going to unfriend us. Therefore, after disciplining, we may become
depressed. Since our desired future-effect is not consistent with our
desirable effect, our happiness is short-lived and we believe that it is
conditional on the friend’s choice, not our choice.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 23rd, 2022 /