There are two ways of understanding God. Scientifically, God is the entropy value of what is
perpetuating, because God created what is perpetuating with HIS energy and then experienced its
entropy value. Therefore, there is no point being devoted to God who personifies the entropy
value and has hollowed out after creating everything in his image. Spiritually, God is the
perpetuating value of what has ever been created by everyone. The energies we all create help to
fulfill and manifest whatever we wish. God is our oneness with those energies at present and
therefore God is always one. However, each person has a varying oneness with the perpetuating
value and what is perpetuating as value varies at each moment. Therefore, the correlation
among the creator, the creature, and the creation varies at each moment. Thus, religion as the
correlation dimension also varies.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 22nd, 2021 /