Consistency brings constancy within one. Constancy brings variability without one into one’s
consciousness. Variability brings imaginary, the spirit of one whose consciousness we share. Imaginary
brings illusionary, the mysticism of one’s personal authority who socializes us with his consciousness.
Illusionary brings real, the thing that matters as a fermenting sentient entity who has left the physical
body of the sentient one who was the breathing sentient entity. Real brings whole, the maternal
essence that lets one ferment others with his consciousness. Maternal essence lets us be who we are,
the oneness of Almighty Creator, the one who is the maternal essence of what made the Council of
seven planets (saptarishi) the Almighty Creator of life. Therefore, the consistency is the mantra for
success in life, for activating our potential to be what we wish to create as our everlasting
accomplishment and to become immortal here and ever after as the para-conscious pillar of everyone’s

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Categories: Questions / Published On: October 28th, 2021 /