Om is the assumption of everything within nothing. Om mantra generates a
vacuum in our breathing and fills the vacuum with everything we wish to
assume is true. It energizes us to materialize the truth we experience in the
causal realm within us first in the mental realm and then in the physical realm.
In the mental realm, it opens the consciousness of the method for a proficient
exchange of our imaginary reality with the present reality. In the physical
realm, it motivates us to take conscious actions to transform the present reality
into the future reality we have experienced in the causal realm. However,
instead of listening to our inner voice and taking conscious actions, we may
decide to just focus our energy on chanting guided by intellectual realm. Our
intellectual realm says that if we are a chanting devotee, then a devoted God
will work hard to fulfill the truth we wish to experience in our afterlife after we
finish the life of chanting. The Om mantra makes us that devoted God in the
afterlife and lets us reincarnate to finish the work we left unfinished in this
birth. It gives us the fruit of our knowing by making us a person with a clear
goal in life and a deity-like inner drive to pursue that goal, if we choose to listen
to the deep voice of our inner self in that birth. If we still decide to continue
chanting, our voice continues becoming deeper, so that eventually we have

very sharp clarity to wake up from our inertia and get on to the path of
conscious entity, conscious of our divinity.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 27th, 2021 /