Annakut is the unfathomable provisions that the impassioned devotees give to
the passionate leaders seeking to propitiate them with their hard work so that
they may be rewarded for their path of devotion. Shri Krishna illuminated
everyone by stopping the practice of gifting the provisions to the King of the
leaders so that each person may enjoy the possibility to be an entrepreneur free
from the entanglement of the passionate leaders. Instead of giving the
provisions to Indra, the King of the leaders who deified all his followers so that
the followers become devoted to their conscious well-being as a path to their
conscious well-being, he instructed everyone to gift the provisions to Mount
Govardhan, made from cowdung and then held the divine essence of the
cowdung on his finger to bring everyone under the cow’s shelter. Today,
people perform Annakut by offering provisions to Mount Govardhan and seeking
the blessings of the cows who consume those provisions. To perform Annakut at
home, serve food to ten cows or serve ten items of devotionally prepared food
to one cow, if you can’t find ten cows.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 31st, 2021 /