A proton is the form force that illuminates the passing time within an atom. The atom
becomes a cell with an illuminated consciousness of the time it is breeding within its
copies as a continuous element. The breeding is the meiosis. The meiosis is continuous
within a cell as a function of the time force. The continuous is the rajas. Thus, the
proton is the para cause of the rajas.
An electron is the intrinsic cosmic-effect of forming the force as the continuous. It is
subtractable as the discontinuous. The discontinuous is the sattva. Thus, the electron is
the para causation of the sattva. It is the noumena of all phenomenon caused by the
A neutron is the extrinsic cosmic-effect of transforming the force into the
discontinuous. Its intrinsic thermodynamic force is reproducible into infinity with the
infinite reproduction of each day’s intrinsic sentient force over the next day. The
infinite is the tamas. Thus, the neutron is the energy of the tamas that norms all
phenomenon with its carbon infusion. With infinite reproduction, everything becomes
solid earth, i.e., carbon.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: May 24th, 2022 /