Desire and desire-led inaction does not lead to attainment. Goal and goal-oriented action does.
Moha Maya is one’s potential to reproduce what one desires instead of taking actions to fulfill
the goal that dissolves the desire. Moksha is the freedom from the present effect. It is about
absolute joy of the freedom from the desires of everyone who desire that someone will have
compassion to grant them what they desire, just through the path of devotion to that one. It lets
one be the absolute consciousness (paramatma) of what everyone needs to do for fulfilling the
desires they have. They need to make another one be unlike them, so that they can be the
absolute consciousness of how to conceive that one as the God before that one experiences
entropy and decides to let another one fill-up the entropy in the position for serving everyone as

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 1st, 2021 /