Kali Yuga is the age of entropy that makes one a pretender in the know of the causation. One
knows by embodying the idealized mass of consciousness of everybody’s knowing using

science in the physical realm and spirituality in the mental realm. The embodiment adds the
physical impurities traded from everybody’s body that it is diffusing the knowledge about its
entropy as a personal force based on the personal experience.
The socialization of one’s body with everyone’s personal force infuses the personal force as the
social force of their conscious spirit. The institutionalization of the conscious spirit diffuses the
institutional force as the absolute paradigm of radiant love for those seeking to know how to
escape the effects of Kali Yuga through knowledge.
The absolute paradigm makes the causation self-luminous within the entity personifying the
institutional force. It makes the creature the new paradigm beyond absolute for discovering the
consequences of following the absolute consciousness (paramatma) without leading with the
conscious consciousness of one’s reality as a conscious entity (siddha).
A conscious entity does not need to know because it is conscious of the knowable. It is the
illuminator of the knowledge that makes one a param deity (shiva) to be the enjoyer (maha
saraswati) of the goal (maha shiva) of oneness with one’s primordial self (Parvati). With
oneness with oneself, one becomes whole (sara) for the realization of the essence of knowledge
for transcending the cycle of yuga.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: May 28th, 2022 /