Sadhana is the organizational solution for one’s omnipresence as a
manifestor of one’s goals. Anything imaginary is illusionary if it is not
realized as one’s goal. It becomes real when a goalkeeper realizes it with
its reality of a conscious entity, conscious of the conscious benefit of
manifesting the goal with sadhana as the manifestor. Thus, a siddha
(conscious entity) is the one who illuminates the organizational solution.
Without that illumination, one is only groping in the dark trying to experiment
with different things in the quest to be a sadhak. In the process, one ends
up becoming a sadhu, the one looking for a solution. If you make a sadhu
your guru, then you are struck with a problem of first helping your guru find
the solution so that you can organize that as a solution for yourself. If a
sentient entity decides to be your guru, then you can enjoy a clarified
consciousness of an organization solution that others may also reproduce if
they share your reality of devotion to your conscious well-being.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: March 14th, 2022 /