Bhakti is devotion. Devotion is not something you acquire. But it certainly
can be cultivated by focusing on a goal. When you focus on a goal, you
become devoted to developing yourself so that you can be the goalkeeper –
the one who keeps the goal of fulfilling what one decides is one’s goal. As
you cultivate your devotion through a focus on keeping the goal you have
decided, you become conscious of the benefits and the costs of that goal.
Thus, you are able to modify the goal so that it is a goal worth keeping.
You move away from a desired goal to a desirable goal. The desirable
goal is for you to be not only the goalkeeper who keeps the goal but also
the goal that makes the goalkeeper the enjoyer of many desirable goals
over time by sequentially fulfilling each of them. Eventually one realizes the
absolute realization by making the goal whole with oneself as the

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Categories: Questions / Published On: March 12th, 2022 /