Sanatana means ageless as a creation. Parampara means Race. Sanatana Parampara is the ageless race for authenticating the reality one discovers through introspection and promotes universally as a guru. There is urgency for one to authenticate the reality of one’s belief system because of the short lifetime. If our belief system is not valid, then the conscious cost is infinite. We make a fool of ourselves believing what others are saying, howsoever impassionate they might be, and mass they accumulate through their Big Organization of the voice they have to silence us into believing that they must be knowing the reality we don’t.

How else can one make infinite followers if one is not credible? How can one be credible without being authentic? How can one be authentic if one follows a belief system that says God created everyone in HIS image and gives salvation to only the chosen ones who believe that everyone was created so that the chosen ones could rule the universe by making the others believe in what they believe in? That means, the believers never behave according to their belief. There is always a difference between what the believers value and the behaviors they practice. The GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness) Project on the culture and leadership in 62 societies, whose seminal book I co-edited while at the Wharton School, has proven that there are significant differences between people’s values and practices. These findings have falsified the dominant science of psychology that stated, following the Western belief system, that values shape practices with 100% perfection.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 13th, 2021 /