Shiva means a goalkeeper. Linga means masculine gender. Shivaling means
diversity within the goalkeeper due to the masculinity. The diversity makes the
goalkeeper the keeper of the goal by shaping the intentionality that guides the goal.
It makes the intentionality the sole purpose of the mind. The mind holds only the
intentionality for manifesting the goal in the physical realm. The goal is to manifest
the femininity because the diversity is already within the goalkeeper who is seeking
blessings for the power to keep the goal one has. The femininity is the energizer
energizing the conscious energy within the seeker. The conscious energy is known
as amrit, the divine nectar. When we are conscious of the goal we need to pursue
to fulfill the intentionality we have and accomplish the purpose of our life, we are
able to channel our energy in an ascending-order for the absolute realization of our

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 8th, 2022 /