Tantra is the technique of activating the octave of organs: auditory and olfactory, tactile and
gustatory, visual and vestibular, and proprioceptive and interoceptive, for creating a spell. The
spell obscures reality by awakening the attraction for the activated organ and its inorganic
effects. It descends entropy deriving from the inactivated organ but ascends entanglement with
the energy that is supernaturally activating the organ. Think of a jinn who fulfills all your wishes
as if that jinn is an organ of your body working for you. How much motivation will you have to
keep your body healthy or to make effort to activate your full potential? You will just become a
vehicle for the jinn to be the engine of your life and take you where he wishes while servicing
the illusion that you are the driver. He genetically programs your driving unless you are
conscious of the mantra for absolute freedom from the jinn who is planning-plotting to charge
you with the responsibility to own what he does and bear the cost of his karma.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 2nd, 2021 /