Death is the transformation of the animate into the inanimate for introspection into the potential
one. The animate limits the potential by developing consciousness of the specific dimensions of
the potential, guided by the space, time, and causation. For instance, we make our potential
dependent on where we are born (family, community, nation), when we are born (at a time when
everyone is devoted to religion vs. science vs. something else), and how we are born (the gender,
the class, and other identity factors). Mother Nature gives us absolute freedom to live life on our
terms, in oneness with the space, time, and causation she is manifesting. When we master the
technique of being the meeting point of the organic resonance of the animate and the inorganic
dissonance of the inanimate, we enjoy absolute freedom from death.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 13th, 2021 /