Chakra is a wheel that self-reproduces like a cycle. The reality is cyclical.
The whole universe is guided by a system of sixty cycles. Take for
instance joy. Joy is always cyclical, shaped by the wheel-like cycle of
joy. It cycles between the temporary joy (Nirvana) and the permanent
joy (Moksha).
The wheel of joy is variously known as the Akasha chakra, Vrishapati
chakra; Saptanadi chakra, Svana chakra, Mriga chakra, Samaya
bhedoparacana chakra, Nadi chakra, and Ahibala chakra in Hindi, and
Wheel of ether; Wheel of Production, Etheric cycle, and Serotonin-
melatonin production cycle in English. One feels lost after realizing
moksha as one believes that was the desirable goal and therefore
begins a path of extroversion seeking a param guru while hibernating
oneself without the physical body to illuminate the right goal. Similarly,
one feels lost after realizing nirvana as one believes that was the
hibernating guru’s desired goal and becomes disillusioned with the
guru. Thus, one begins the path of introversion to be that param guru
through moksha.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 6th, 2021 /