The mind generates a competitive, temporal wave, moving forward in time. It
supplements the friendly spatial wave, pushing us backward in time and
motivating us to reproduce our present consciousness to modify our forward-
moving reality. It complements the enmity energy wave, pulling us
horizontally for living our diverse present in its infinite forms by disassociating
ourselves from the moving time. The mind modifies our potential to move with
times and conditions our potential with the present manifested by time. It
makes us believe that the present is perfect because we are the perfect
creation of a perfect creator. Our intellect counters by activating a counter-
belief that the present is imperfect because we are only a creation of the
creator who is the perfect creature. It makes us run after that perfect creature
until our body gives up and decides that we are no longer the perfect creature
capable of embodying it.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 22nd, 2022 /