If one produces a question like this, it means one has already
consumed the answer that the phobia of the other religions is existent.
One consumes an answer through social networking of those who are
questioning the value of Hinduism and seeking to convert the Hindus
into the non-Hindu belief system.
One questions the value of Hinduism when one has Hinduphobia. If
you are the one questioning the value of Hinduism, then you need to
introspect and ask why you have Hinduphobia. If you are seeking to
decide whether to side with those who are questioning the value of
Hinduism, then you need extroversion to understand why those who
are influencing your thoughts have Hinduphobia.
Of course, if one has Hinduphobia, it is smart to theorize that Hindutva
as the essence of Hinduism needs to be dismantled. Only then one
can test the hypothesis that the person will be free from the phobias. If
a non-Hindu has a phobia even after distancing oneself from Hinduism,
then the genesis of that phobia is in the non-Hindu belief system.
What needs to be dismantled is the essence of the non-Hindu belief
system that gives one phobia of who others are instead of minding and
enjoying who one has become after deciding to be that one.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 16th, 2021 /