Enlightenment is a point when you stop living a life defined by your social peers based on their criteria of what makes life and what you do worthwhile. Social peers expect you to live a life that makes you dependent on them and on their views and likes. They expect you to follow the norms they follow so that they can justify their behaviors and their existence. If you are unique, then social peers band together to show their dislike for the work you are doing. Those dislikes cross the line of healthy review and humor and bring toxicity to your life, forcing you to fall in line with what they expect you to be doing. Enlightenment is a point of realization that you have absolute freedom to be who you wish to be. You are not defined by the social peers who have decided to imprison themselves to the narrowness of vision. Enlightenment empowers you to be omnipotent and shape the present consciousness of how life is worth living. It makes you free from the fear of alienating social relationships. There is a famous lyric: I am every woman who has a right to judge the man I am married to. The lyric leaves the following unsaid: I am the very man who gave the right to every woman to peer review him and be the better half. If you are neither defining your identity by your right to judge others or by your right to delegate that right to others, then you live an enlightened life without transmutation of the better half to the dominated half doing the bid of the dominating half and living a life in darkness.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 6th, 2021 /