If one repeats what one is doing by voicing one’s voice while everyone else is silent and focused on their work, then everyone begins paying attention to the one who reproduces what the other one is repeating. There must be something the reproducer knows that the one repeating is seeking to discover and that everyone must seek to validate before the first one discovers the knowable. Thus, repetition breeds behavior, not belief. One does not need to repeat the belief. Belief leads to one devoting energy to repeat one’s behaviors and for everyone to reproduce those behaviors. One believes that one’s behaviors are appropriate because one deifies oneself by imagining oneself as the photocopy of God, the para deity. When one fails to discover God within after infinite repetitions of one’s behavior, then one begins believing that even God is prone to errors. That is why God repeats the mistake every time of gifting the power of giving birth to the females but making that power dependent on the males who act as if they are the God of love. To win them, the females must compete and sacrifice everything they have. Such a belief has transformed the entire world, across cultures, into the male-dominated cultures. India leads the race to victimize the females, whether human or animal. Everyone has followed, just repeating what the gurus of India produced by way of knowledge in the past. That is why today, the Middle East has emerged as the leader, because the Middle Eastern people are the ones who have historically mediated the exchange of India’s wisdom for creating the promised land in the desert as a substantiation of their belief system.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 14th, 2021 /