What is Self Awareness: Looking Beyond the Law of Attraction

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What is Self Awareness: Looking Beyond the Law of Attraction is about knowing yourself as the causal body for everything you do, experience, and accomplish in life.   It is a conversation between a devotee (“I”) seeking to know a self and a devoted (“You”) who is the self the devotee is seeking to know.

A devoted may be anyone who attracts the devotee with her feminine devotion, just like Mother Nature.  That anyone may even be a masculine, such as a benevolent deity or a paternal guru, acting in oneness with Mother Nature.   The devotee is the one attracted to the devoted.  Since the force of attraction is mysterious, the real identity of the devotee becomes a mystery.

Why would anyone be devoted to the one seeking personal conscious well-being, just because the one is a devotee willing to surrender to the one exerting the force of attraction?  Suppose you are devoted to the one enjoying your concordant energy after surrendering everything including oneself.  That one divides your energy into half, self-perpetuating you as your extended self.  Thus, a devotee becomes devoted to the conscious well-being of a whole universe of entities, taking your consciousness and making that his.  In this way, a masculine always dominates the feminine, since the feminine is the primordial element.   The masculine exists because the feminine pre-exists.  Anyone dominated eventually experiences entropy just like the one who has already surrendered oneself.   With self-awareness, everyone eventually seeks to know:

Who am I, and Why am I attracted to you in a law-like fashion?

Who created me, and why am I so different from you?

What’s my potential, and how can I discover it?

What’s the essence of the MY element, and why am I attached to it?

Why am I entangled with my past, and how to move forward without any past baggage?

Self-awareness is a rave these days. Everyone talks about it, however, if anyone could give a complete and concise answer to its significance in our overall growth, it would be Dr. Vipin Gupta.  It takes immense courage and dedication to ensure a topic/project like this.  While the first 6 books in the series dealt with the law of attraction, this book will prove to be the first step in multiplying our potential.  – Atrayee Bhattacharya @ TheBookReviews

What Is Self Awareness begins with the critical analysis of why and how self-awareness is a must. As the book states; looking beyond the law of attraction paves the initial path of Self Awareness. We can expand our full potential when we stop believing and depending on the divinity of an extrinsic entity. There prevails an open challenge and somewhat blatant accusation that the present scientific fraternity is falsifying human abilities. The Author appeals for a holistic approach to advancing science and urges to bring cultural wisdom and metaphysics to the same table.  – Atrayee Bhattacharya @ TheBookReviews

There are a couple of statements that kept me engaged for a while. Like: “When one makes universal well-being the path to personal well-being, one mobilizes the entire universe to do the same.” “The sources of one’s depression include supernormal expectations, misplaced efforts and a false sense of reality.” Aren’t these statements hard-hitting to the illusionary world of science we are dwelling in? On the same note, the author doesn’t deny the scientific paradigm. Rather his efforts to amalgamate science with divinity is constantly visible. – Atrayee Bhattacharya @ TheBookReviews

If anyone wants to dig into the spiritual aspect of the biology of human life; this book is the final destination. It is curiously delineative while describing the self-awareness of the meiosis process of cell division.  Not letting any spoiler slip in, however, you will be amazed to learn the analogy about thyroid health in deciphering self-awareness. – Atrayee Bhattacharya @ TheBookReviews

Payoff: Lucid language and thoroughly researched. This whole project remains an enlightening effort to unleash many hidden and overlooked aspects of our ancient wisdom. When the world is running behind quick guides, this complete project is offered as a superlative guide to all the management gurus in a way never imagined. – Atrayee Bhattacharya @ TheBookReviews

This book is a quest for self-discovery of the stored potential every individual holds, which with the right use of free will and the right ounces of perseverance, dedication, positive energy, and self-motivation can be a sure formula for back-to-back successful endeavors. – Taslima Yasmin @The Literature Today

The metaphysics of awareness is highlighted in depth.  Self-awareness is clubbed with the awareness of the Divine and its energies. This self-awareness is the reality that one sees oneself as and projects onto others.    It carves a programmed future that once deciphered and uncoded can be easily applied by everyone to secure a better understanding of the ways of living beyond merely existing. – Taslima Yasmin @The Literature Today

The book is empowering in the fact that it provides solid ground to embrace oneself and place one’s best foot forward. Gupta is of the view that each individual is an entity with a lot of potential for bringing about positive change in the world. This full potential can be unlocked only through the proper understanding of the self as a conscious system. – Taslima Yasmin @The Literature Today

The main aim of this work is to bring human consciousness in sync with their environment particularly Mother Nature so that they are able to place themselves better in the divine creativity and understand their moral and higher calling. The book on the whole has a freshness that is too engrossing and makes for an interesting read. It engages the reader to think and thinking out of the box is its main effect on an attentive reader.  – Taslima Yasmin @The Literature Today

Vipin explores the principles and relationship of cause and effect with self-awareness in this book.  By reading “What is Self Awareness” I learned that each choice I make will not also affect who I am and what my universe will be after that choice was made.  I also learned that when I meditate (which I do every day), and I come out with answers to day-to-day issues and dilemmas; I have, in fact, been connecting to a global soul family (known and unknown) who have helped me reach the answers I was seeking. – Susan Violante @ Reader Views

With each chapter, the readers can feel the author’s constant urge to bring a union between scientific analogies and India’s ancient wisdom. He has implemented metaphysical studies into the science of creation. If science is behind creation, there reins a spiritual aspect behind that creation as well. And this book shall become our handbook to connect those dots. And, most importantly, this complete study brings in a commendable cohesion with the present pandemic situation. Takeaway: Unchained imagination and a conscious effort, the book gives a tough fight to falsifying scientific acumen. A 5-star rating.  -Aashi Dewangan@Criticspace Journals

The Project VIPIN series connects modern science to ancient eastern Indian wisdom. This knowledge will allow us to gain a greater understanding of current life challenges and even life in general. Having been educated with a modern science background, I felt like I was on more of solid ground with science in trying to understand the concepts as they are presented. However, as I continue to study, I see where the knowledge from ancient wisdom surpasses the knowledge that we currently have available in modern science. Limitations of the scientific method contribute to this. This created a huge paradigm shift for me. My mind is blown! – Paige Lovitt @ Reader Views

Gupta reaffirmed my thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic by pointing out that it caused an acceleration in our shift from “the institutional to the personal correlation with the divine.” Many of the people that I know used their quarantine time to move away from being involved with organized religion, and venture outside, in solitude or small groups, to reconnect with nature.    They increased their level of self-awareness by directly connecting with Mother Nature’s conscious reality, and stopped depending on the divinity of an entity from outside themselves.  – Paige Lovitt @ Reader Views

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