I will use the metaphysics developed by me through my research for clarifying the
question “why”.
The spontaneous movement is the disintegration of the masculinity into the feminine
element for the integration of the essence into the femininity. Femininity is the origin of
the sentient energy. The union with femininity ascends the temperature of the meditative
body, similar to a launchable system adding the devotion force as a weapon to map the
path of action with a sentient wave within the para-conscious state of meditation.

Meditation mediates the trading force of the octave within the sentient wave to form the
masculine element as an octave of feminine element.
The masculine element is the “descending self”. By descending self, meditation activates
the inertial mass of body with the gravitational mass of consciousness about the potential
beyond the present within which the self is entangled. Activated mass is the knotting
potential, knotting the potential of the wish within the reality of the meditator. With
ascending consciousness of the immanent reality, a sadhaka enjoys freedom from the
knot for descending mental ill-being and ascending physical well-being.
By transcending the wish to be a siddha, a sadhaka becomes the greeter of the wish for
everyone to realize their potential. With the realization of potential within one, one
becomes a “primordial greeter” (Purnata Purushottama). The absolute realization of the
potential present within one makes one a perfect primordial greeter.

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