Something is complicated when one lacks understanding of the words and creates a porridge
of meanings taken from different sources. For understanding, Indra, Visnu, Aditi,
Hiranyagarbha, and Siva, one needs to know the meanings of each of these words.
Let me translate these words for you, using Vipin Gupta’s metaphysics, developed to clarify
the ancient wisdom and modern science across continents.
Indra: King. A King behaves as if he is supreme, capable of leading everyone.
Visnu: Ambidextrous. Ambidextrous is believed to be superior, as it implies capability to be
Aditi: Limitless. Limitless becomes the source of everything someone needs to transcend the
limitations of one’s capability when one is neither King nor Ambidextrous.
Hiranyagarbha: Cell. Cell breathes like it is the first being born on earth after having been
an atom previously. An atom is a potential being.
Siva. Goalkeeper. A goalkeeper is above everyone. Everyone is the light below the
goalkeeper. The light remains invisible unless the goalkeeper decides to bring everyone
to light. When one becomes conscious of the light, one transforms from an atom to a

cell. When one realizes one’s power to bring everyone to light, it fulfills the goal of
one’s gifted potentiality as a potential goalkeeper.

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