Being Enlightened means being deliberate in remembering both
personal experiences bred by us and social experiences fed by others
to us. When our memory is sharp, we can compare the worth of our
experiences with those of the others. We can choose to stop repeating
the behaviors that have made us who we are and start reproducing the
experiences that have made the others who they are. This allows us to
experience the realities of the diverse entities.
Not everyone wishes to experience the reality of known others (the
others known to us) who are seeking to experience the reality of
unknown others (the others not known to us). Being in dark offers the
opportunity to discover the reality others are uncovering through their
path of action (karma marga). On discovery, one can move fast to
appropriate the fruits of action through the path of knowing (the jnana
marga). That is the essence of the Jewish belief system. Therefore,
the Jews have been outstanding traders throughout the history and so
are the people of India who put a high value of the path of knowing.
Jews and people of India have had a very friendly relation as a result of
this common ground. If you wish to be wealthy, then it does not pay to
waste your energy in remembering. You can let others remember and
digitalize their memory into a scripture for everyone to follow. Thus,
you can become the wealthiest men on earth like Elon Musk and make
others your brightest workers following the path of devotion (bhakti
marga) to your well-being as a path to their well-being.

Since you have asked this question, I bet you are not wealthy. Else
you will not be wasting your time in asking such a question. And, let
me assure you that I am also not wealthy. That is why I am investing
my time in answering such a question so that you can do something
fruitful with your time after knowing the answer.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 19th, 2021 /