Science is about servicing the scientist as the engine that provides the fuel for everyone’s living.
Science shapes our consciousness of how to live life by consuming a sense of deficit as a
creation bound by the laws of nature and producing a sense of abundance as a creature with
supernatural power to manipulate nature by testing the limits of the laws with our behavior. For
instance, if science says energy is always conserved, we can destroy everything and produce
abundance by harvesting energy from the destruction. We can destroy all plants and animals and
produce an abundance of plants and animals at our will.
Religion is the correlation dimension of the scientist as the creator, science as the creation, and
the subject as the creature. The scientist is the engine servicing science as the vehicle for our
joyful living by investigating and illuminating the limitations of the law-bound Mother Nature.
The scientist acts like God telling us not to be bound by the limitations of Mother Nature as the
creation and guiding us on creating a new Father Nature, going parallel, that lets us enjoy infinitely
Eventually, when we become disenchanted with the limitations of science, we give the position
of God to somebody other than the scientist. Regardless, the one who is God is the one we
believe will bless us with the power to overcome the laws of nature. In effect, God is one
who makes us the God beyond the laws of nature. We are at a time of history where science is
the dominant religion. At other times, other forms of religion become dominant, as people look
for new ways to master the secrets of nature and become omnipotent. Eventually, the quest for
omnipotence is led by the quest for immortality.

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