Shukra dosha is the Venus fault, the fault of the potential past that becomes
infinite when reproduced by Mercury as the finite for gaining primordiality over
Uranus. It makes one’s future dark and heavy, and the present mercurial but
stagnant, going in circle. Whatever wealth, knowledge, and social prestige one
accumulates through effort over time quickly vanishes. One squanders
everything through entanglement with sensory desires, spending heavily to
attract the person of opposite sex. Consequently, one may be attracted to even
the person of the same sex to fulfill the need for both the material wealth and
sensory gratification while sacrificing social inclusivity. One becomes a loner
and self-obsessed, planning different tricks to satiate the addiction for physicality
and materialism. One begins hating spirituality and becomes a scientist, using
the power of science to discover how to be a charmer, pretending to be everyone
one is not. When one’s true face becomes public, one starts behaving like a
joker, pretending that the actions were intended to be humor that everyone
should take lightly. Science becomes the justification for testing everyone’s
patience and privacy until no one is willing to believe in science having instead
gravitated towards spirituality, seeking freedom from the fake, artificial
The extroversion puts pressure on the eyes, leading to difficulty in seeing far, and
localizes the vision. Localization leads to asthma, as one is unable to breathe
freely and need to breathe deeply through conscious effort. Supernatural effort
takes a toll on health. The men lose their potency and unable to satisfy their
partner. The women behave like they love physicality, fearing they will lose their
reproductive potential early. The worry impedes their ability to conceive. For
both, the worry disturbs the relationship with both kin (with whom they do not
wish to confide their private issues) and kith (who publicly make disclose private

issues, embarrassing and alienating the one sharing). Therefore, one gravitates
towards the strangers, falling victim to their charms, and deepening the hurt at
the emotional and psychological level. Under such conditions, one may become
suicidal or vengeful, seeking vengeance by hook or by crook. It becomes difficult
for others to trust such a person, even though that distrustful nature is an effect
of the violation of the person’s trust by the sweet taking strangers in the past
which remains fresh in the mind as if it happening in the present through
repeated play.
Consequently, one becomes an agnostic, open to believing that anybody who
genuinely cares for them and is willing to listen to them is like God. Such a
person identifies God with non-humans, like birds, animals, or even inanimate
objects and gravitates towards pantheism.
Shukra dosha is equally common among men and women, although women are
troubled more by it because premarital and extramarital relationships with
strangers bring a personal, social, institutional and religious stigma for women
which is difficult to secularize except by taking excuse of the masculinity.
Shukra dosha effects the whole body and combines the ill-effects of both the
Rahu dosha and Ketu dosha in a vicious self-reinforcing cycle. It makes the
entire body weak and fragile over time due to the accumulation of negative
charge which never gets discharged but consumes the mass of the body for
sustaining itself within the cells.

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