Rahu dosha is the Uranus fault, the fault of the discontinuity force that brings
anxiety about the continuity of the desires from the past in which one has already
invested energy. It makes one possessive and temperamental, fearful that the
time will take away whatever one has earned through the path of action. It
makes one lose the fruit of action by repelling the time that brings the desired
benefit. One becomes a procrastinator, failing to take the last step that will lead
to the success. One gives up hope prematurely and becomes pessimistic. It
lightens the head and the upper body, creating mental confusion as one
becomes thin although appearing fat while channeling disproportionate energy
towards the lower body. The hips grow disproportionately and the legs seek to
attract energy from the body to carry their growing mass, moving backward in the
direction seeking to be in touch with the past. One comes to a conclusion that
there is no higher power who will come to save it from its precarious condition.

One gives up faith in the kith (friends) and becomes a burden on the family. One
becomes an atheist, who has no friend but oneself who lacks direction groping in
the dark. Rahu dosha is more common among males.

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