Ketu dosha is the Neptune fault, the fault of the infinite past for continuity of the
infinite present through replication into infinite future. It makes Jupiter the
dominant force in deciding the auspicious impact of Mars. It forces Jupiter to
reproduce the desires one had in the past to produce inauspiciousness,
characterized by depression, lack of fulfillment, and lack of meaning and purpose
in the present. It generates lethargy, inertia, and dispassion, even though the
person gives an appearance of being always busy in the minutia. One becomes
impatient trying to always speak up the mind, and experiences hearing loss,
losing the power to listen to anything else but the inner voice that haunts one as
the nightmares.
It weakens the leg and the lower body, as the head and the upper body becomes
heavy with thoughts about the desires that remain unfulfilled. One begins
leaning forward, ashamed about the impregnated desires and yearning to move
fast and leapfrog the time but having cloudiness in the mind about how to do so
given the weight of the consciousness about the past desires on the intellect.

Leaning puts pressure on the spinal cord, and complicates child birth in females
as the nerves nourishing the joints become weak and the joints begin paining.
After taking birth, the child continues to have issues due to the weaknesses of
maternal body. Leaning also results in infusion of carbon one breathes out with
oxygen back into the skin, leading to skin diseases like acne as well as coughing
for balancing it with a rapid intake of oxygen. Shallow breathing harms kidney
health and risks stone formation through accumulation of waste within the body.
Ketu dosha is more common among females. One becomes overoptimistic that
whatever one does will move one forward in life, as one has infinite desires to
enjoy everything by doing everything with hands. One is unable to prioritize how
to do everything. Over analysis leads to paralysis. Inertia grows with time as
nothing one does seem to make a difference in life. One precariously clings to a

figment of hope that God will come to rescue and becomes a believer in destiny
determined by a para deity who impregnated one with those desires. Time
constantly tests the faith while the space strengthens the belief that even the
small things in life happen because of a higher power. Attributing credit to a
higher power and discredit to the kin alienates kin, and weakens the relationship
with the kin (family), as one gravitates towards the kith (friends) to compensate
for the vacuum in family life.

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