Ashtavakra Geeta is the story of Sage Ashtavakra, the polluter, and the King Janaka, the causer,
causing Ashtavakra to pollute the consciousness of King Janaka with a dream that the latter has
lost everything. When King Janaka asks what is reality: the dreamer Janaka or the waker Janaka,
Ashtavakra tells him that causer Janaka is the reality because he is the cause common to both the
dreamer Janaka and waker Janaka. What Ashtavakra hides is the fact that Janaka became the
causer because once he was the polluter who polluted the consciousness of people devoted to
him with his omnipotence. Therefore, he had to incarnate for cleansing the consciousness of
those people with his light. Janaka forgot the purpose of his life due to the vagaries of the world.
Therefore, Ashtavakra incarnated to remind Janaka that each one of us is the reality and is
capable of dreaming and manifesting the reality we wish.

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