Karma Yogi (Shudra) is a worker class, who works like a star of attraction for the leaders who
know it is the key to their conscious well-being. Therefore, worker class is also the follower
class or the stellar class. A renunciate is a mind-born creator (Brahma), who creates an illusion
that it is the worker class working for the well-being of everyone who is leading the path of
renunciation, expecting another to take the path of action so that they could be the enjoyer.
When everyone finds no one is willing to act as their agent while they have renounced their
agency and have decided to be a principal, everyone becomes someone who is a guider
guiding anyone willing to listen to their sermon about the benefit of becoming a guider agent.
The guider agent reproduces the guider’s knowing with a path of devotion that leads them to
take actions to further the universal well-being. When the guider realizes it can only guide one
to be an agent, who has agency to be devoted to the universe rather than guider alone, the
guider realizes freedom from aloneness (Kaivalya mukti). Then, the guider lets the agent be the
leader while it follows the path of impact, knowing the benefit of working for one’s personal
conscious well-being without dependence on another.
With growth in consciousness, the karma yogi becomes the goalkeeper (Shiva). Therefore, it is
said that Shiva is karma yogi, who acts on everyone’s behalf knowing that everyone is his light.
Shiva is the illuminator deity who illuminates time as the perpetuator deity who leads the space
with the causation karma yogi creates as a creator of a new paradigm after renouncing the
present as a paradigm which leads to a future where one dependent on another becomes a

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