Ashtalakshmi Rajayoga combines the principles of Rajayoga (a form of yoga
focused on within oneness mediated by mind) with without oneness of mind
with the Ashtalakshmi (adi, dhan, dhanya, gaja, santana, veera, vijaya, and
vidya)—eight harbingers immanent within one for health and physical well-
being. Ashtalakshmi Rajayoga is exogenous, seeking without oneness with
the immanent by meditating sequentially on the eight forms of Lakshmi with
specific mantras and visualization techniques. One begins with “primordial
oneness” (Adi) for actualizing knowledge (Vidya) of the preceding lifetime
through absolute oneness with the whiteness of the future.
Ashtalakshmi Rajayoga is “lifeline” for clearing Mangala dosha, related to
esteem, effort, and intention with a tendency for outburst of energy that
destabilizes devotion to intimate relationships, forcing one to live in the
darkness of the past instead of charting a new path through synergy with a
life partner.

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