Pitradosha is the spiritual stress after servicing all one has for the sentient well-
being of the universe and realizing that others are not devoted to reciprocating
their trading, leave alone exchanging the growth they enjoy as a consequence.
We inherit consciousness from our forefathers that their progeny was not grateful
for the gifts forefathers gave to them and did not focus on the development of the
gift of potential. Instead, progeny became dependent on God and God-like
entities, seeking increasing returns from decreasing investment of their effort.
The paternal consciousness of betrayal pollutes the consciousness of the child.
It makes the child believe that by increasing investment of its effort, it will get
increasing returns the forefathers did not get. However, without clarity of the
goal, a child’s efforts only serve to fulfill the wishes of the forefathers. It makes
the child a medium reproducing the spiritual stress among the descendants, as
each becomes a worker without enjoying the fruits of one’s actions. It leads to a
polluted interpretation of wisdom, e.g., don’t wish for the fruit of action, just do the
action without any goal or deadline to fulfil that goal. Let others enjoy the fruit of
action and be exalted after your death.

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