Panchaka is a Pentad of five consecutive lunar mansions—Mrgashirsha,
Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, and Ashlesha. It happens over a period of five
days five times a year, when moon descends from Aquarius as a masculine
to twin oneness with the feminine as it ascends into Pisces. It accelerates
growth in the creative force of positivity emanating from the feminine who
absorbs and destroys the negativity immanent within the masculine. Thus,
Pentad is negative-to-positive exchange.
Panchaka dosha is Pentad fault, that makes another (the astrologer)
luminous. Its characteristic is a selfish exchange of space in the mind with a
cost-effective path, repeating oneself as the time, three dimensions of time,
and causation, without realizing the goal when another delays the path of
action for a new beginning.

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