Daridra Yoga is poor, wretchedness, and miserable, because one is
dependent on an unknown force of another. Another is a referent who
defines one’s path of decision-making, making it impossible for one to enjoy
independence from the poverty of creation (Lakshmi).
Astrologically, eighth house, i.e., time house, starts the clock fresh to
incarnate as the twelfth house, i.e., Birth house, behaving like a father, to
center the sixth house, the Dark house, dominated by Neptune (Ketu). Ketu
balances the life left by moving the career line to next life. One suffers from
Ketu dosha in life, while the spouse suffers from Rahu dosha, the effect of
which lingers in the next life.
Ketu dosha, particularly salient among females, forces Jupiter to reproduce
the desires one had in the past to produce inauspiciousness, characterized
by depression, lack of fulfillment, and lack of meaning and purpose in the

present. It generates lethargy, inertia, and dispassion, even though the
person gives an appearance of being always busy in the minutia. The
conjunction with twelfth house makes the females identify with a father-
figure and subconsciously block the career progress of their spouses by
trying to be the bread winner for the family. However, due to the co-
conjunction with the time house, their career is never on track, and they
have to constantly change their career trajectory, with depressed incomes
without creation of any ascending-order consciousness or knowledge.

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