Mangala is the whiteness of the future, which is auspicious as it brings the wish
one wishes into reality of the present. Mangalya is whitening the past to gravitate
it as a desire for the auspiciousness of the present of one for the future of
another the one wishes to twin with its reproductive force as a female. Mangalya
houses the male as a husband of the female as a wife, who wishes to be
auspicious for the future of her husband. Whitening house is the eighth house. It
is the time house, which adds three to the space house.
Space house is the fifth house, Blackening house. Time house determines birth,
life, and death. Space house determines the children reproducible by one.

Future house is the third house, the White House dominated by Mangala (Mars).
It determines paternal linkages inheritable from the father as husband whose
future has become white due to the wife’s conscious energy.
Present house is the fourth house, the Black House dominated by Shukra
(Venus). It determines maternal linkages inheritable from the mother as wife who
has made her present black by exchanging the blackness of her husband’s past.
Past house is the second house, the present house self-perpetuates. It is
dominated by Jupiter, who behaves like Earth who dominates the eighth house.
Thus, second house becomes a greying house for whitening the present which
has become black. It determines feminine linkages reproducing the growth
inherited from the father for producing wealth.
First house is the North House, the Grey house that starts from North like a star
who incarnates as a person, whose destiny is dominated by Saturn, to eventually
disappear from the face of the Earth by merging with the space’s light in the
south. It determines masculine linkages consuming the wealth inherited from the
mother for asserting self as an entity within the space that universalizes that
wealth in the form of energy one repels after consuming the mass of perished
Tenth house is the South House, the Purple house, that makes one who begins
in North zero, as it merges within Sun to finish its journey as a planet after
emerging as a Moon. It determines personal linkages of one as a leader who
follows its destiny to be free from the present-effect, realizing Moksha. It is also
the Energy house, housing the life experience as energy.
Eleventh house is the East house, the Purpling house, dominated by (Solar)
North Star, which re-emerges from the East as the Sun with the energy’s future
reality as the space’s light. It is the Light house. It determines social linkages of
one as a follower who leads everyone like its light seeking opportunity for the
West’s darkness to overshadow them so that it may be free like an entrepreneur.
Twelfth house is the West house, the Darkening house, dominated by Lunar
North star that moves from East to West before springing forward to the East
again like the Dark Matter. It is the Birth house. It determines institutional

linkages of one as an entrepreneur who mediates everyone’s future after
freedom from the future-effect (nirvana) and gets joy by making their future dark
with the shadow it leaves behind as it moves from East to West and the
overshadow which forms right over it as the West pushes it back to the East
through illusionary production of its dark energy as the visible matter for the birth
of a new form of reality.
Sixth house is the Center house, the Dark house, dominated by Neptune (Ketu),
which balances the life that is left with the career moving right to live another life
as Uranus (Rahu) to elongate one’s lifetime. It is the Life house. It determines
religious linkages of one as a manager who moderates everyone’s past after
freedom from the past-effect (mukti) for eternal joy as the fire within them igniting
the flame of consciousness of reality that transcends the duality of lifetime.
Seventh house is the Upper house, the Heavy house, dominated by Uranus
(Rahu). It is the Death house which becomes heavy with the consciousness of
the Lower House, Fifth House below the Center. It determines secular, psychic
linkages of one as an organization organizing everyone’s present into the
organizer of its future as an entity organizable as a luminous with the force of
their past. Psychic linkages weaken with time as the heavy element becomes
reproductive to be light, whose consciousness is within the fourth house.
Ninth house is the Weak house, the Bright house, dominated by Moon. It is the
Afterlife house for the followership of fortune blessed upon one while alive,
leading one to the Sun who blesses that fortune as a conscious entity whose
goal is to be the ninth house after living life as the sixth, Strong house for
freedom from time (Kaal mukti). The ninth house is whitened with the spiritual
color of the psychic nature. It determines para-psychic linkages of one as a
citizen devoted to personal conscious well-being, seeking freedom from space
which houses the twelve within its psychological linkages as an alien. Twelve
houses constitute nature present as a Sun.

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