Jinendra means unconquerable by time by conquering the causation for
making the mental force do what one wishes by predicting the minimum
growth necessary to fulfill that wish and reciprocating with the wavelength
within that fulfills that wish at the precise moment.
Jai means wane.
Jai Jinendra means wane the unconquerable so that one can be a Tirthankar
– Conquering causation for servicing radiant love and devoting effort to one’s
development without consciousness of the wishes that limit the wishable.
One is not able to conceive sensible wishes when one’s consciousness is
polluted with the pre-existing wishes.
Jai Jinendra is a greeting wishing that the other lives a fresh life with fresh
thinking and fresh wishes, so that the wishes of another do not create a
spiritual stress for the one to act like Tirthankar for resolving their past before
enjoying the mental freedom to live in the present.
The philosophy of living a fresh life in the present for freedom from the past is
fundamental to Jainism.

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