Chi is the sixth house that perpetuates over time to center one as a Sun. The
Sun is present as a zero, the future, that becomes reproductive like the past.

Ki is the ninth house which has a psychic propensity to self-service the sixth
house to life afterwards as a Weak House. As a Weak House, it attracts the
sixth, Strong house, to divide itself and repel the Third House after illuminating
the Second House.
Prana is the joy (Nirvana) of twice-born lightforce, which takes birth as the
eleventh, light house with two ones. The tenth house gives birth to the first
house first as the eleventh house (in the form of Vega) and then it becomes the
first house (Saturn), the one without zero that reproduces itself as the second
one to perpetuate as the sixth house (because the tenth house divides into two).
Kundalini hibernates as thrice-born nature, whose life as the sixth house ends
after it becomes a weak, Ninth house, following the seventh, Death house, who is
like the mother of life nature lives to be Mother Nature. Thereafter, it lives as the
eighth, Time house to begin the clock afresh and be present as the fourth,
Present House. Time triples the present house to incarnate as the twelfth, Birth
house, like father. After the first house begins journey as the North house, the
second house finishes it as the Past house. The third house combines the two to
be the Future house. The fifth house recombines the two to reincarnate as the
Space house like a child.

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