I will use the metaphysics developed by me through my research for clarifying the question
“Spontaneous awakening” (karmaphalachetana), also known as spontaneous spiritual awakening,
is centered within the spirit as the fruit of action. It makes the spirit self-luminous without one
who is the enjoyer of the spiritual awakening.
“Self-luminous spirit” (Kevali) is the Spontaneous fruit of omniscience upon “spiritual
awakening” (Karmachetana). It self-destroys the present who hides like omnipotent within
every action to limit one’s potential. It recycles the potential of the self as an omniscient with
fire to consume the “fruit of action” (Karmaphala) spontaneously before the present hides it
within its light and blinds everyone with its charm. Charm promotes inertia and continuity of the
past into the infinity.
“Spiritual awakening” (Karma chetana) is centered within the soul as the action necessary for
enjoying the spontaneous fruit of omniscience with a realization that one is more than a spirit.
One is neither the soul that awakens for consuming the fruit of action nor the spirit awakening
the soul with the action for producing the fruit. Soul is the “one within action”, the
consciousness of the fruit of action. Spirit is the “one without action”, the belief system that the
action will produce the fruit.

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