To resolve a problem, one needs a clarity about the different words that constitute the
Every entity is a part of whole. The whole is Purnata Prushottama, i.e., totality of primordial
characteristics. Shri Krishna is Purnata Purushottama Brahma, i.e., “absolute
characteristic” creating the totality of primordial characteristics.
Varna is class, more specifically, economic class, arising from the asymmetry when one is
not whole. One enjoys ascending economic class as one stops being a part and starts
living the life as a whole.
Shudra is the worker who works to live life as a whole. Brahmin has the talent to live with
information Shudra works to collect. Kshatriya’s problem is how to trade information
from Brahmin by making Brahmin contended with a low economic class, so that
Kshatriya enjoys the top economic class. Vaishya solves the problem by servicing a high
“social class” (jati) to Brahmin—who has everything to offer that Vaishya needs to make
Kshatriya a bragger—in exchange for a low social class for Shudra—who has nothing
left to offer once Shudra gifts everything to Brahmin seeking Brahmin’s blessings before
starting a new life.
Consequently, Kshatriya gets to brag that he rules the solutions (Vaishya). Brahmin gets to
bless Kshatriya to be the problem by taking on the kingship, as a medium for breathing
high social class by offering Vaishya as the solution for the kingdom to have the wealth
that makes kingship valuable. Shudra gets to beg Vaishya to be compensated fairly for
the information within the local knowledge it shared with Brahmin before knowing its
value as the global knowledge. That allows Vaishya to be elevated to the political class,
Shri Krishna is all-in-one, he is the solution to all problems as well as the problem for which
he is the solution. He is the medium to discover the solution. He is the one who takes
on many identities to discover one identity that makes them whole.

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