Dharma means religion as a dimension of life. Religion is neither a Hindu
or a Buddhist. Religion is the correlation of a subject, who is the king of his
life, with the object, that is the subject’s past reality, mediated by a

conscious entity who is conscious of his past reality and has made himself
the subject for enjoying the object that shaped his present as a child within
Mother Nature’s womb. Different religions put priorities on different
dimensions of life. Eastern religions prioritize the inanimate object that
made one animate as a conscious entity, conscious of one’s inferiority
without the object’s blessings. Western religions prioritize the animate
subject that makes one conscious that one is not the inanimate object and
fill one with a sense of superiority by identifying the animate subject as
God without oneself and conceiving oneself as blessed with the
consciousness of superiority. In India, siddhas, the conscious entities,
have put priority on oneself, conscious that oneself is the one who forms
the object with one’s past reality and transforms into a subject observing
one’s present reality. Thus, oneself norms one’s future reality as God
through one’s entropy within the present, if one is not conscious of God
(Ishvara) within the “sentient entity” (Param Ishvara, Parameshvara, i.e.,
present God).

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Categories: Questions / Published On: March 7th, 2022 /