Kuladevi is a disentangler, she disentangles the characteristics that entangle a
creature with the past seeking to be the enjoyer of the past, instead of living in
the present. The past is visible within the things that attract one seeking to know
their truth. The truth is that the things which attract us have an essence that we
repelled in the past in the form of our aura light. Our aura diffuses our wishes.
As the universe organizes those wishes into things, we become para-consciously
attracted to those things. We do not realize that those things are the creation of
our past wishes. As we get entangled in the effects of our past lives, we develop
a wish to recreate new forms of those past lives instead of developing the
potential of the present form.
A disentangler makes us the master of our destiny, by clearing the discordant
forces from the past, so that we may leverage the things that exist to fulfill the
wishes—instead of waiting for future lives to enjoy their fulfillment. She makes
us realize that we have the power to manifest the reality we wish in this birth,
before it gets too late and we become dependent on time to fulfill those wishes
so that we may reincarnate and enjoy them while stuck in the cycle of life and

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