Devas are deities. Bhagwan is supreme deity. Deity is a worker deity who works
to fulfill the wishes of the devotee like a student (Shishya), fully devoted to the
educator while seeking personal sentient well-being. Bhagwan is a creator deity
who creates the consciousness of the wishes of the devotee to make one an
ascetic (Sadhu), devoted to fulfilling those wishes seeking universal sentient well-
being. One devoted to fulfilling another’s wishes is the deity. One who devotes
its lifetime to mastering the science of making another fulfill the wishes within its
consciousness is the creator deity.
When we give the status of Bhagwan to somebody, wishing fulfillment of our
wishes, Bhagwan makes us the deity following the path of devotion to fulfill the
wishes we are devoted to through our actions.
Puranic Bhagwan made the devotees Vedic Devas to fulfill their wish of
supremacy over the Asuras, the discordant forces that make one wish for things
one does not have so that they could be the enjoyer of the thing after one
devotes lifetime to creating and dies without enjoying.

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